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Can I Get A Roach Bite?

Generally most of us don't worry about obtaining a roach bite when we see one of the dirty insects.  More often we worry about roaches getting into our food, spreading disease, or even cockroach identification so that we can eliminate them.  While a cockroach bite doesn't happen all that often, these insects do have mouths and are capable of biting.

Most of the time a roach bite associated with a human isn't associated with a live human, but cockroaches are omnivores, meaning they will eat just about anything.  Because roaches will eat anything they usually don't need to rely on human flesh, instead they can rely on us for less than fabulous house keeping habits, and a lack of cockroach prevention.  However, there are some cases where cockroaches will bite, especially the German cockroach.

The German cockroach is the type of cockroach most commonly associated with biting, though all other species are capable.  This typically happens when people go to bed with food residue in or around their mouth or hands.  The cockroach is attracted to the smell of the food left in or around the mouth, and comes to take a taste.  The roach bite typically is not associated with intent to bite the human, rather a misjudgment of his next meal!  Because the roach bite was not intentional, it's usually children or those that do not clean up after meals that are typically bitten by German roaches as well as other species.

Some experts do not believe that the roach bite is something that is seen in the live human, and blames many of the supported claims on other insects that simply look like roaches.  It's important to note that while a roach bite could happen, it is not typical.  Roaches are known to feed on dead and rotting animals, including humans, but feeding on live humans is not normal because there are much easier food sources.  A cockroach bite is not something that you should fear if you see one, because these insects are more likely to run and hide than they are to bite you.

A roach bite is said to be like other insect bites, it can swell and become very itchy, even infected.  Because they are not common, you will likely never have to deal with a cockroach bite.  To avoid the bites you should attempt to keep your home clean to avoid infestation of roaches in the first place, and be sure that you and everyone in your home, including children are clean before going to sleep.  Washing hands, faces, and brushing teeth is an essential part of avoiding roach bites, and when coupled with other cockroach prevention steps, you shouldn't have a problem with roaches biting.

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