1. Cockroach

Cockroach. The Worlds Most Well Known Bug

The cockroach is one of the most well-known and identifiable bugs on the earth.  Just about anywhere you go, the majority of population knows of, and isn't fond of the cockroach.  Despite mans best effort from one side of the world to the other to rid themselves and their homes of these nasty little critters they are still running around.

One interesting cockroach fact is that there are over 3,500 different types, but you typically will not find all 3,500 or more types in one area because they all prefer different environments.  The cockroach lifecycle is quite long, and very productive, and that is why it is so hard to do away with them, they reproduce quickly and in large numbers.

The roach is in no way a cute critter, but cockroach disease is more common than many people think. It's not that you have to worry about a cockroach bite; in fact a roach bite is the least of your problems when it comes to these bugs because they typically will not bite a live human as they live on rotting foods and animals.

The problem with the cock roach is that it typically will feed on anything, which usually brings it to unclean and even rotting materials. When the cockroach travels over these items and tastes the foods and such with its legs, it then transfers any bacteria onto your food, or wherever it may roam in your home! The cockroach for this reason is not a welcome guest in most homes, and if you take the right precautions you can eliminate them, or at least keep them from infesting your home.

Knowing what areas of your home or certain habits that you may have put you at risk will help you eliminate the chance of attracting the cockroach in the first place. Learning a little bit about the cockroach lifecycle or the cockroach anatomy may help you understand a bit about these nasty critters as well, and give you some insight into why they may be attracted to your home in the first place.

It's important to note that the roach can adapt well to most conditions, so you can't just squish one bug and declare that the war on roaches is over for you. If you have seen one cockroach, don't think that your troubles are over when you squash that one! If you see one that means that he has at least a few friends in the walls of your home just ready to make it their own. A proactive course of action is always best, so plan ahead and take precautions now so that you don't have to see even one cockroach in your home.